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In the modern world, there is a huge scattering of online gambling games. Of course, not all of them are of high quality, or, for example, may not suit your taste. However, the Book of Ra slot is a really good example in terms of quality. To spend time with him, and get a portion of positive emotions and at the same time earn money, reviews and reactions from experienced players will help. Trusting everyone without exception is also not worth it, but listening to the opinion of experts, and having figured it out yourself more carefully, you can get a good result.

Where to Find Book of Ra Reviews

If you look at the situation as a whole, it is not so easy to find reviews on the platforms of online casinos or bookmakers. At best, they will be placed in special sections on the site, or they may simply be absent.

Competition between companies can affect how a game is judged, and Books of Ra is no exception. Some services deliberately write negative reviews in order to spoil the reputation of a competitor. That is why it is quite difficult to find real reviews.

Developer Novomatic did a great job creating Book of Ra and maintaining it for many years. A good idea of ​​a slot with the theme of Ancient Egypt, which was a success among the players, also acquired several clones of varying degrees of quality. The original has the following properties:

  • Clear and not overloaded with unnecessary buttons interface
  • Original and rare theme for this type of game
  • A wide range of sounds and a perfectly matched main melody
  • Good bonuses that contribute to a multiple increase in winnings
  • High RTP 96%

Reviews for the Book of Ra slot machine

real reviews Book of Ra

Of course, only those who have not only superficially familiarized themselves with the slot, but have studied the functionality as much as possible, can certainly make a full-fledged opinion, and then leave a review.

That is why on the Internet you can find reviews that can show the reel in a negative light, for example, a person did not like the design or speed of the platform on which the game is hosted, and the review is written directly about the slot itself.

Once you've decided on a suitable platform, read the rules and nuances, such as how to place or raise a bet, how to withdraw funds, and so on. The best assistant in this case will be a demo game.

How the demo version helps you get comfortable in Book of Ra

For beginners, it is better not to resort to large bets right away, but a demo will help to learn the mechanics and get used to it. To do this, you do not need to create a game account and replenish the balance. In this mode, you can safely try a variety of tactics, find out what the risk round is, get acquainted with the bonuses, symbols and combinations of the Book of Ra.

Book of Ra reviews with a negative connotation, gamblers can write, for example, about too difficult levels, this is explained in several ways:

  1. The player did not want to get into the essence, but simply wanted to win money quickly, it is obvious that any, even a small obstacle, will give him a negative mood.
  2. Negative feedback from a competitor of the company, aimed at reducing interest in the project. This type is difficult to distinguish from the real one.

Of course, it may also be that a certain type of slots or the theme of the game simply does not suit a person, but in this case, he is unlikely to write a negative, but simply find something to his liking.

Book of Ra - Real reviews

When you come across rave reviews, for example: “I did a great job - I bought a hut”, “I got up from the ruble and became a millionaire”, “jackpot on easy” is a lie. Undoubtedly, in the game you can earn good money, and even large sums, but in this case, people describe their emotions and share their joy differently.

Players who really have experience of winning describe the situation in more detail, someone shares a strategy, attaches a screenshot of the combination and the amount won. Most really want to help others experience similar emotions in Book of Ra, and share information in the reviews as much as possible.

From angry it can also sound, for example, this is a deception and the machine does not allow you to win. It should be noted here that the slot is licensed using technology that has been worked out for more than a dozen years. In any case, by choosing the appropriate platform with this game, you can be sure of this. After that, then share your successes in Book of Ra reviews!

How to play and download the Book Of Ra game - read on the official website of the Book of Ra Slot machine.

Book of Ra - Game Reviews

Review: It has become a favorite game, I spend my leisure time after work.


Every evening, including it, I can not only relax, but also get an increase in salary. By the way, thanks to her, I updated my mobile phone, and pastime became even more pleasant. I recommend playing with doubling and choosing the red suit, according to my observations, it is the most profitable. Good luck in the game!

Fider, 42 yo
Review: It has become a favorite game, I spend my leisure time after work.

Review: I liked the graphics because I love the story


The game was recommended to me by a friend, now the couples at the university have become much more interesting! Time flies quickly and even sometimes you can win money, this is very useful for a student) Book of Ra is a beautiful and useful game.

Mary, 22 yo
Review: I liked the graphics because I love the story

Review: I have been fond of casinos for a long time, but this game amazed me!


I started betting and spinning slots more than 20 years ago. Now, thanks to the Internet, you no longer need to go to a casino or bookmaker, but comfortably sit on the couch and start your favorite game right from your phone! I have a lot of free time, and most of it I devote to bukofra, coming up with schemes to beat. I don’t raise the stakes much, but even so, I manage to win several thousand a day!

Dan Z. , 32 yo
Review: I have been fond of casinos for a long time, but this game amazed me!

Review: This game is great


I tried many games in online casinos, so far I settled on this one. Many lines increase the chance of winning, many bonuses, in general, fun, and I advise everyone!

Shamil, 37 yo
Review: This game is great

Review: I'm playing in demo mode


I've only played the demo so far. It often did, I don’t know if it will be like this in the main game, but I’ll write it down as soon as I check it, I’ll keep you informed

KapitaN, 19 yo
Review: I'm playing in demo mode

Review: Haven't found any cons yet


I've been playing for more than 2 months, while a stable plus. The amounts are not large, but still a worthy figure. I started with a demo game, then went through full registration and started playing for money. I play mainly for fun, but when I withdraw my winnings, I already experience other emotions)

Vadik, 35 yo
Review: Haven't found any cons yet

Review: I don't really like casinos, but sometimes you can


A good simple game, I turn it on when I need to pass the time. It doesn’t take much to understand it, in fact, I press a button - it spins by itself, when you win, cool music plays.

Violetta, 29 yo
Review: I don't really like casinos, but sometimes you can

Review: Discovered something new


I have been playing slots for a long time, I mainly played fruits, but I accidentally stumbled upon books and really liked it. Here is a slightly different system, but you can figure it out in 10 minutes. Experience helps to win good money, the balance is positive!

Jack47, 48 yo
Review: Discovered something new

Review: Simple but fun game!


While relaxing at sea, I met with the casino. Upon returning home, I found out that the same can be installed in the phone. And I can win here more often than it was in Egypt! Highly recommended for variety. And pass a minute in line, or a minibus. Or instead of the next series, play in the evening.

Vlada, 32 yo
Review: Simple but fun game!